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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Grindstone Sharpening Services.  Your use of this site demonstrates your acceptance of the following terms and conditions.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions in whole or in part, please do not use this site.

Flat Shipment Fee - Grindstone Sharpening Services charges a flat shipping and handling fee of $7.00 for most shipments within the 50 states and the District of Columbia.  This fee covers re-packing the sharpening order back to you, all postage and all other handling fees.  Our prices are competitive, so ship multiple items to us to take advantage of this low shipping and handling fee.  On most orders of over $75.00 or more we will waive the shipping fee, giving you a discount of over 8% on your order.  Large bulky and heavy items such as paper cutters are not covered by the $7.00 flat fee or waiver of the shipping fee on orders of $75 or more.  The shipping fee will be billed via PayPal on your order through the webstore or by separate PayPal invoice after we inspect your order.  Orders will not be shipped back to you until this small fee has been paid.


Guarantee - Grindstone Sharpening Services guarantees that your items will be sharpened professionally and will have an edge as sharp as possible given the condition of the items.  Items are sharpened on equipment that is state of the art.  Grindstone Sharpening Service sharpeners have been thoroughly trained and have sharpened thousands of knives, scissors, hair/animal shears and other assorted items.  If you are not satisfied with the sharpening of any item please contact us within two weeks of receiving the item back from us.  We may resharpen the item charging you only for the return shipping of the item. 


Disclaimer - Grindstone Sharpening Services reserves the right to inspect all items and decide whether the item should be sharpened or not.  In some cases items are damaged or cracked.  Use of or sharpening such items is dangerous.  Grindstone Sharpening Services is not responsible for any breakage or damage of any item during the sharpening process.  Grindstone Sharpening Services will thoroughly inspect the items before sharpening.  We will call you if we find cracks or other defects that will not allow us to get the best edge possible on the item.  Grindstone Sharpening Services does not provide a warranty on the length of time an item will keep its edge after sharpening.  The length of time an item will keep its edge depends on the usage of the item, how it was cared for and cleaned by its owner.  Grindstone Sharpening Services does not sharpen ornamental knives, sabres, swords, bayonettes or similar items.