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Ordering & Shipping

Follow these steps to order your sharpening and ship it to Grindstone Sharpening Services.

Ordering Sharpening - It's Easy!  Follow these steps: 

1. Order sharpening through the Grindstone Sharpening Services website.  Save and print a copy of your order.  Pay your order through the webstore using PayPal.  NOTE: you do not have to be a member of PayPal.  You may use any major credit card on PayPal.  Grindstone Sharpening Services will be notified that you have place a sharpening order through the webstore. 

2.  Pack your items to be sharpened and enclose a copy of your order so that we can tie your physical order to the advice we received when you placed your sharpening order.  Be sure to include your phone number in case we have to call you. 

3.  Please call us for our shipping address.  We are located in Naperville, IL. We want to know when orders are coming.  We prefer to use the US Postal Service Priority mail as it is relatively inexpensive and items get to us quickly.  Of course you may use any other mailing service such as UPS, FedEx, etc.

Once we receive your order, we will: 

1.  Inspect your order to make sure that all the items listed on the order are there.

2.  Inspect your items to make sure that they are not cracked, etc. 

3.  If the shipping fee has not been billed on the initial order we will bill you the $7 fee via PayPal if your order is less than $75.  If you have a heavy order, we will bill you the extra cost of shipping (See Terms & Conditions). 

4.  Sharpen your items within two to three business days.  

5.  Return your items to you via US Postal Service Priority Mail after you have paid the applicable shipping fee. 

6. Provide you with periodic e-mail messages letting you know where your items are in the sharpening process.  If there is an extended delay in receiving your order from us, it usually means that you have not paid the shipping fee.  Grindstone Sharpening is not responsible for damage to items caused by any shipper.  (See Terms & Conditions)