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Local Orders

Grindstone Sharpening Services is located in Naperville, IL. We do not provide drop off and pick up service  - no exceptions.   If you live in the Chicago area, your order will be sharpened faster following these steps:

1. Use the sharpening webstore to order the sharpening on the items that you wish sharpened. 

2. Pay the order and $7 return shipping fee via PayPal. 

3. Mail or ship the order to us using US Mail or a carrier of your choice.  We suggest using the USPS Priority Mail service as it is a flat rate fee and you receive a tracking number. Note: parcel post or first class mail always takes longer.  Please see "Ordering and Shipping" for instructions to mail your order to us and for our address.

Orders from the Chicago area are generally received the next day.  We will sharpen the order within a day or two and then mail it back to you via US Postal Service - Priority Mail.  In many instances you could have your order by Friday if you mail it to us on Monday.