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Pinking Shears Sharpening
Pinking Shears Sharpening
Product Code: Pinking Scissor Sharpening
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Grindstone Sharpening Services sharpens all brands of pinking shears. To sharpen the pinking shears properly, the shears must open to 90 degrees or more. Some pinking shears (some Fiskars models) do not open to 90% or more. In these cases, we sharpen the pinking shears as best as we are able. For pinking shears to work properly, they must be sharp and they must have the proper tension. We will make your shears sharp - as good as new or better. However, some shears may be "sprung" due to the fact that users put too many layers of fabric in the shears while trying to cut with them. In almost all cases, pinking shears are riveted at the factory and thus cannot be tightened. We try to get the shears to cut as best as is possible given their condition.


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